Whisper A'Daire

    Character » Whisper A'Daire appears in 35 issues.

    Former agent of Ra's Al Ghul. Later worked for Intergang.

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    Major Story Arcs

    For the past three months, five criminal organizations have been carving a piece of Gotham and making it their own home turf. Ra's Al Ghul can longer tolerate the Batman's failed resolve so he sends Whisper A'Daire and Kyle Abbot to Gotham City in order for them to exact true justice. Ra's armed his agents with a heavy supply of serum which shares similar properties to that of the Lazarus Pit elixir. The serum can not only make a person immortal but it can give them the ability to shape shift. When Whisper took the serum, her human form became that of a snake and her ability to remain forever young as well as attractive came from her ability to shed her skin.

    Whisper's plan is to turn the five gangs against each other. However, Whisper can't allow the Batman to get involved just yet so she decides to distract Bruce Wayne at a gala for the reopening of the Gotham's Public Library while Abbot carries out her orders.

    She also uses the serum to create a group of loyal men who can shift into different animals. This group include her partner and body guard, who has a history of turning on her.

    Batman tries to turn her away from Ra's Al Ghul, but she refuses his help and then disappears only to resurface in 52 as a member of inter gang, and a high priestess of the Cult of Cain.

    Other Media

    Young Justice (Cartoon TV series)

    Whisper appears in the TV Series "Young Justice". She's introduced as a member of Bruno Mannheims Intergang.

    DC Universe Online (MMORPG)

    Whisper appeared as one of many villains in the online MMORPG "DC Universe Online". She's a member of the Intergang and is voiced by Jenny Larson.


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