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    A demonic race from Earth's distant past.

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    A demonic race of uncertain origin, the Whirldemons presumably originated on Earth, where they were the dominant lifeforms several million years ago.


    The Whirldemons were created by Bill Mantlo and Pat Broderick.

    Team Evolution

    The Whirldemons are a race composed of an as yet officially unnumbered and nameless group of individuals. They are apparently a monarchy, and are lead by a King.

    Major Story Arcs


    The Whirldemons are troubled by the arrival of the Wanderers on their planet. They fight back against the invaders, who had previously believed the planet to be uninhabited. Though inferior in terms of firepower they have superior numbers, and destroy the first settlement created by the Wanderers. This forced the Wanderers' leader, Wayfinder, to fall back on the Sword in the Star. Through the Sword he comes into possession of the Enigma Force, which he uses to trap the Whirldemons for several millennia, while he and his followers retreat into the Microverse.

    Enigma Force

    The Whirldemons are released from their imprisonment when the Enigma Force goes dormant after its connection to Arcturus Rann is severed. Several Whirldemons attack Dr Strange, who is attempting to access the Wayfinder's tomb in order to learn more about the history of the Wanderers and the Whirldemons. They recount the history of their encounters with the Wanderers, and announce their plans to conquer the Microverse and the Earth. They are driven back by the arrival of Fireflyte, and instead seek out and attacking Rann to prevent him from using the Keys to open Wayfinder's tomb and reawaken the Enigma Force. They join forces with King Argon, who seeks to use the Enigma Force himself, and in exchange offers to allow the Whirldemons to take control of the Microverse and the Earth. They attempt to telepathically disorient Rann, but he is able to shake off their influence and open the tomb, gaining access to the Sword in the Star. The Sword merges with Rann and Dr Strange, giving them access to the Uni-Power, which they, as Captain Universe, use to repair the Spacewall and prevent the destruction of their universe and the Microverse. Fireflyte uses the last of her power and sacrifices herself to trap the Whirldemons for eternity.

    Chaos Theory

    The Whirldemon King somehow escapes his imprisonment and travels to Earth. There, he creates a series of earthquakes and attacks the Future Foundation in an effort to force them to open a portal to free the remainder of the trapped Whirldemons. He takes possession of Valeria to deliver his ultimatum, and X-23, Spider-Man, and Sue Storm are sent to the alternate dimension to do battle. They are able to defeat the Whirldemons with the aid of the Uni-Power manifesting in X-23.

    Powers and Abilities

    Whirldemons are magical beings capable of creating whirlwinds. They possess powerful telepathy, and drain the life energy of others to survive. They are extremely durable, and have slowed or suspended aging. They are gifted fighters.


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