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    Filipino/American Comic book artist who has worked for Marvel, DC, and Image. Portacio was one of the original 7 founders of Image Comics.

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    Whilce Portacio was born in Sangley Point, Cavite City, Philippines. When his family moved to San Diego, California, his neighbor was throwing away her husbands comics. It was then that Portacio became a huge fan of both Jack Kirby and Neal Adams. Those are his two biggest influences. Though he wanted to be an Astronaut--he had poor eye sight and was too short to realistically achieve this goal. So throughout high school he drew comics. He collaborated on these comics with another future legend-(next to almost every Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, piece you will see the last name "Williams") Scott Williams.

    Whilce is a long time Marvel artist and while working on Uncanny X-Men he became the co-creator (along-side John Byrne) of Bishop. Whilce is also a co-founder of Image (although he never became a partner). He has worked on many big name titles in the comic book business like the Punisher, Batman/Superman, Stormwatch, X-Force, Hulk, Iron Man, X-Factor, Alpha Flight, Batman, The Darkness and many more.

    Creator of the series Wetworks. Talked very openly about stuggles with the loss of his sister due to cancer in his Wetworks series. He also fell into a diabetic coma shortly after and woke up from it a week later--unable to walk, stand or even draw. Wetworks issue #2 fell well behind schedule and Portacio was removed from the series at issue #6 but continued drawing the covers til' issue 15. A second series was released in 2006 but even the second Wetworks series was short lived ending with only 15 issues. Around this time he was also in charge of artistic duties on Batman Confidential.

    Since that time he has worked on Spawn and with Marc Silvestri's company Top Cow. In 2010 he was working on Uncanny X-Men and most recently he has done work with Marc Silvestri on the new The Incredible Hulk series.

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