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IDW Publishing Continuity

Wheelie was a small Autobot but he never let it get to him and would help the Autobots as much as he could because he had hope that he would get a chance to do something big eventually. One day, he was chosen to go on a mission to scout for habitable worlds and while he was on this mission he flew into a radiation belt which wiped out his ship's navigational interface, causing him to crash on a nearby planet. Here, he did nothing more than make do with what he had to try to survive and he was no longer as upbeat and optimistic as he once was. While traversing the planet, he eventually finds a Decepticon ship and the Decepticons Spectro and Spyglass, who were busy torturing a living creature. Wheelie secretly freed the living being from captivity by shooting off its shackles, making the two Decepticons run after the creature, and while this was going on Wheelie sneaked onto their ship only to find it damaged beyond repair and found the dead body of Viewfinder. This incident made him also realize that he'd become the warrior he wanted to be but had lost site of everything he once saw as important. As he continued traveling across the planet, he was attacked by the creature he freed from before. However, Wheelie pleaded with it and it turned out to have a translator chip which helped it understand him. The two would become friends and Wheelie would change his pattern of speech to talk more like the creature. Later, they would try to repair a ship they found, but as they were ready to launch, Spectro and Spyglass appeared and took the creature captive. Wheelie, having realized he forgot what it was like to be an Autobot, gave them the ship to save the creature's life but secretly took the energon safety cache from it, so it exploded in mid-flight. Wheelie and the creature then salvaged what they could from the remains of the ship and built a new home together.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Wheelie appears in the film as a very small Decepticon taking the alternate form of a blue remote controlled car with a brooklyn accent and frequently swears. He attempts to steal the shard of the Allspark in the safe at the bike shop Mikaela works at. She discovers him trying to open the safe, burns his optic receptor with a blowtorch in order to get answers and locks him in a metal box. She brings Wheelie to Sam in and promises to not hurt him if he helps her and Sam to find a way to revive Optimus Prime. He goes with the group to find Jetfire, a turncoat that stopped fighting with the Decepticons, who convinces Wheelie to switch sides and help the Autobots and acts as a loyal subject to Mikaela. He is not seen in the battle in Egypt fighting the Decepticons.

Wheelie In the ROTF
Wheelie In the ROTF

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