What The--?! #15

    What The--?! » What The--?! #15 - The Strange Young Fighting Frogs released by Marvel on November 1991.

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    "The Strange Young Fighting Frogs"

    A young man attempts to sell an idea for a decent comic book hero but ends up selling out and making a gritty team book. (Are members of the New Warriors on the cover?) He is later attacked by his gritty team once he decides to return to his old ideas. Only one, decent comic book hero can save him.

    "Land Shark"

    A poor soul gets ripped and terrorizes the beach. Can feminine ways prevail? Wolverina and Ivory sure hope so.

    "So How Goes the War?!" starring Captain Ultra

    A summer camp heads south when it is revealed that a mind-controlling general is influencing the kids for evil. Captain Ultra must save the day (but only in his modest ways).

    "You Know You've Been Reading Too Many Comic Books When..."

    A handy guide to let you know if you've obsessed too long over your comic book obsessions.


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