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God exists and he's Latverian 0

This is definitely the best "What if" story of the year that shows not only Doom's greatness in all his magnitude but his ambivalence between madness and his self-imposed role as our savior. The art is also worth of applause where the Mexican Jorge Molina made one hell of a job and gave us great battles scenes. The only complaint about the issue was the fifth part of the Runaways, foreseeable and completely boring (just as the other parts) so it was no big surprise....

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Horrid script/dialogue. 0

I truly wanted to love this issue. I'm a huge fan of Secret Wars and an even bigger fan to anything and everything What if.  This issue had it all: great cover, great art, excellent storyline, good pacing. And then there's the dialogue/script. It reads as if it's been translated through BabelFish from some middle-eastern language. This boggles my mind since Karl Bollers, the writer, worked on some rather good stuff (most notably Soldier X, which I found to be hilarious).   I just can't wrap my h...

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What Amazing Comic! 0

I love this story, it takes the best one if approach. Since I saw the cartoon when I was just 10 years, where the final episodes where airing. I always wondered as a kid. If Doctor doom kept that power. When I gotten little older. I just started to read comics. My first comic was secret wars, reprinted. I loved the story. I always wanted a alternate route of the story. This comic gave me what I wanted. Warning this comic may not be for you. I recommend you read it first. Never buy something you ...

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