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What If.. The Fantastic Five Fought Doctor Doom & Annihilus?

Man, was this wordy. The art was fine and as far as I know accurate to the time period the story takes place in. All the characters act as they should, as well. The story itself was nifty, as it was nice to see the Fantastic Five again. However, it's clear that the real story isn't about them, it's about Uatu and the Time Keepers. The story suffers because of this.

"What If?" was designed to be self-contained stories showing us what could have been. However, this issue is the beginning of a five-issue arc. After Spider-Man grabs the Cosmic Control Rod and saves his teammates, which marks a half-way point in the book, about a hundred things happen. This is sloppy story-telling.

While it was a happy ending for the Fantastic Five, the bigger story may mean their entire universe was doomed. Unfortunately, I do not have those issues, and they don't have Spider-Man in them, so who knows what happens.

I gave this issue three stars because everything was nifty up to a point. Then a million things were crammed into the story at once. I know they needed to set the other four parts up, but they could have done it in a cleaner way.

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