tsakura's What If...? #30 - What if the Fantastic Four's Second Child Had Lived? review

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Good Girl, Bad Girl

 This was a really good Comic. I really love the "What If" they do in this one. You have two realities in this, one good, and one bad. The Bad one is with Sue. Franklin sees the death of his family, and no one will leasten to him. After his Mother Dies, he knows that it was because of his sister. In the end, Franklin goes to Dr. Doom for help! The cool thing is Doom want to help save Reed! In the end, only Franklin lives. Sad I know, but then you get to read the Happier one. In this one, Mary can heal people. She starts trying to save the earth, and when She goes after the USA's goverment, Captain America, or someone dressed as him, try's to kill her inn front of everyone! That's why it's hard to say which one I like better of these two. But this one is good for a Read.    

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