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What If #3 From The Longbox

The twist. Instead of going a fter the Hulk as they did in the original Avengers tale, Hank Pym stops everyone and reminds them that the Avengers are purely volunteer driven. No oath was taken. So Thor moves on, making Giant Man realize that as far as powers go, his are not exactly first class. So he and wasp retire to become scientists. This leaves Iron Man on his lonesome to fight the now combined might of Namor, and the Hulk. How does he decide to do it? He builds Iron Man Armor for the Avengers, and the Hulks sidekick Rick Jones. Everyone refuses to join him, so Iron Man ends up batteling the two by himself, they nearly kill him, but at the last minute the rest of the team shows up in Armor. I think this was a weaker issue than the first 2. The presence of the armor for the other heroes, it was just too contrived, and it took me out of the story. The art was good, it was just I think the characters did what they did because the script called for it. Not because that was what they would normally do.

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