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Whalesong was a half-Atlantean girl who was involved in a boating accident when she was younger and almost drowned. Luckily, a telepathic sea creature, named Leviathan, had been following her saved her. She formed a close bond with the creature and has lived with it for so long that she is now incapable of human speech.


Whalesong was created by writer Matt Kindt and artist Steven Sanders in the 2013 limted series Infinity: The Hunt, where she first appeared in Infinity: The Hunt #4 as a member of the University of Atlantis.

Major Story Arcs

The Hunt

Students from schools across the world met up to take part in the latest Contest of Champions, but were interrupted by the arrival of Thanos and his army on Earth, whilst the Avengers were off in space fighting the Builders. A message arrived showing the utter decimation of Atlantis, which prompted the students to go there in order to help. Upon arriving, they were attacked by Thanos' army. Just when it seemed like the students were going to be defeated, Whalesong and Leviathan showed up and rescued them.

Using it's telepathy, Whalesong projected her memories of the fall of Atlantis and revealed to the teens that it was not Thanos who had attacked, but Wakanda due to the ongoing civil war between the two groups after the events of Avengers vs. X-Men. Asha and Blocks, members of the The Wakandan School of Alternative Studies, tried to defend the actions of their home and, Asha in particular, began arguing with Whalesong. While this was going on, Quentin Quire scanned the mind of a nearby alien and informed the group that the aliens were heading to Wakanda.

Deciding not to stand by and allow more needless death and destruction, Demona teleported the group to Wakanda to help stop the invasion. They showed up just in time to back up Shuri, the current Queen of Wakanda, and the tide seemed to be turning until reinforcements arrived. A massive alien behemoth dropped down from the sky, ready to crush the resistance. Leviathan attacked the creature but was critically wounded by the beast, who then left the battlefield, leaving Whalesong crying beside Leviathan's body.

However, new orders came in and the monster returned, but was defeated thanks to a coordinated attack, orchestrated by Gang of The Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted, by the students. After the battle, Whalesong is able to get Leviathan into the water, where he begins healing, with the help of some Wakandans. Whalesong and Leviathan accompany the other students to New York City to clean up the debris of Attilan after its destruction during Infinity.


Whalesong has been shown levitating but whether she is capable of full flight is unknown and displays no other powers, but does have a special bond with the Leviathan creature, who is seemingly willing to give his life to save hers.


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