Weyland Smith

    Character » Weyland Smith appears in 73 issues.

    Master blacksmith from norse and germanic lore.

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    Based on Wayland the Smith, a figure in Germanic mythology, Weyland Smith served as the administrator of the Farm facility and thus bore the brunt of much of the resentment of those Fables confined there. He was oblivous that Goldilocks, Posey, Dun, and also using Colin, were planning a revolt against him. He was imprisoned during the revolution there and was magically compelled to turn his mechanical prowess to the task of adapting mundane weapons so that they could be used easily by non-human Fables.  Things would become complicated when Snow White and Rose Red came with Colin to the Farm. They'd see many strange incidents, such as some of the animal Fables acting suspicous, and more importantly Colin's murder. 
    Soon it became evident that the Fables were starting a rebellion. While Rose was being used to persuade them onto the animal Fables' side. Snow would find herself being pursued by Shere Khan. While she did eventually kill him, despite being shaken she came upon a chained Weyland. But there was no time to talk, as Snow would be held prisoner with him by the rebelling Fables.  In the cave by the Farm, Snow wakes up from an overdue rest. She asks Weyland what happened and how he got in this situation. He says he simply went to bed one night and woke up chained and forced to work on the weapons. They have placed a magical spell on the chain. It prevents him from the urge to try to escape and forces him to do what he is told to do. Snow asks him what he's working on and is surprised to see that he's making a key to allow her to escape. The spell only makes so that he cannot try to escape. The spell doesn't stop him from setting Snow free. 
    Eventually Snow solves the key to freeing Weyland. Soon with his help, they learn to awake the dragon Clara and the three giants Donny, Johnny, and Lonny.  With their help, they put an end to the rebellion, with BigbyBoy Blue, Prince Charming, and Bluebeard reaching the Farm to also assist.   Once the rebellion was foiled, he was replaced as administrator by Rose Red. Originally intending to leave the Farm, Snow White asked him to stay on and continue the task of adapting weapons, in preparation for the inevitable conflict with the Adversary.  

    He agreed and stayed at the Farm, and became close with Rose, shortly before they were called into action to defend Fabletown against the incursion of the wooden soldiers. He fought bravely, smashing the enemy close up with his massive mallet, but ultimately fell in battle alongside many of his compatriots, his body ultimately committed to the witching well. He was eventually resurrected by Flycatcher and was tasked with building farms and other medieval era infrastructure for Fly's kingdom of Haven. He now holds a position of distinction as Haven's Chief Builder in service to King Ambrose. He's seen as one of his good companions.


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