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    WetWorks was the latest iteration of Team7, International Operations elite kill squad. During the mission in the Raanes Peninsula, the entire team was exposed and bonded to golden symbiotes while being attacked by the Vampire Nation. Rachel Rhodes, A.K.A. Mother One, saved them, prompting the team to leave I.O. and join Armand Wearing in his fight against the Night Tribes.

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    The team was originally another incarnation of I.O.’s Team7, Wetworks went rogue when they were forcibly merged with symbiotic armor while on what their superiors meant to be a suicide mission. The golden armor each member is joined with gives them increased strength, limited invulnerability and a mental link to one another as well as various individual powers.

    The team was under the employ of Armand Wearing the Jaquar (leader) of the werewolf people after he offered them sanctuary from the government. Wearing's idea was to get Wetworks to get rid of the other night clans.

    Appeared first for Image Comics, but later made it over to Jim Lee's Wildstorm brand.

    In D.C. Comic's 'Convergence' crossover, they ended up confronting Batman and Azrael inside a seemingly abandoned military ship. However, several civilians living inside assisted Batman. The Wetworks team was willing to kill these civilians as failure in this confrontation meant the loss of a city familiar to them. The civilian's knowledge of the ship they had been living on was essential in subduing and defeating the Wetworks team.

    The Symbiotes

    The gold symbiotes provide a number of physical enhancements to the Wetworks team. All of them are bullet proof, able to withstand explosives going off directly on their bodies and thousands of incendiary and armor piercing rounds before feeling pain and have had their strength enhanced to at least be able to lift several tons as if they were feathers. The symbiotes also increase their reflexes and speed and prevent them from tiring. Their bodies are kept at a constant comfortable temperature despite the outside environment and they don't require food anymore. The symbiotes provide the team with a telepathic link and are somehow able to instinctively link to weaponry to make it easier to use. Aside from that, specific abilities were given to each member depending on what they personally desired most or were already skilled at.


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