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West attended school with Claire Bennet in California.  At first she accused him of spying on her, but soon discovered that he knew her secret.  He had seen her super human abilities, and admitted that he was an evolved human with the ability of flight. 
The two began dating.  One day at the beach, the two were kissing when Claire suddently noticed marks on his neck.  West confessed that when he was 10 years old, a mysterious man abducted him.  When he woke up he didn't remember what happened during his abduction, or why he had the two marks on his neck.  When Claire asked who was the man, he only recalled 'a man with horned rimmed glasses'.  Claire from that moment began to be suspicious on her father, Noah Bennet
When Claire wanted to became a cheerlader again in the Costa Verde High School, West gave her an idea how to humiliate the cheer captain, thus helping her back onto the squad.  He took a mask to disguise himself and flew high up while carrying Claire.  With the cheer captain watching, he dropped Claire, seemingly killing her.  When the police arrived, they found the alcohol the cheer captain kept hidden.  With her drinking exposed, she was expelled.  Therefore Claire was able to take over her former place.  

Claire once more began her cheerleading career, which took her away from West.  The things became complicated when Noah have found a series of eight paintings painted by deceased Isaac Mendez.  The series of paintings began with the death of Kaito Nakamura and ended with Noah Bennet's death as Claire, and a mystery figure kissing in the background.  When confronted with this discovery, Claire denied that she'd been dating anyone.  So Noah didn't stop doubting he gave up spying on her daughter.  Unknown at first to Claire,one morning when she woke up, West was in her home cooking waffles with Sandra Bennet.  Claire tried to tell West about her father when Noah arrived home and West flew away seemingly having broken up with her.  

Claire confessed to Noah about her relationship with West and Noah decided that it's time to move on again.  Claire ran away from home and went to apologise to West, who still wasn't sure about their relationship.  She told that her parent were moving away again, but she was staying because she loved him.  The next morning Noah was attacked by West.  He thought that Claire worked for Noah to spy on him, but he decided to help Noah because he thought that Claire was in danger.   
So  Bob Bishop kidnapped Claire in order to maintain blood sample from her as a cure for the Shanti Virus.  What he didn't know was that his daughter, Elle Bishop had kidnapped by Noah and West .  So the two made an exchange.  On the beach at dawn Noah and West arrived with Elle, while Bob and Mohinder arrived with Claire.  Claire was safely back with West, who followed Noah's orders and flew away with her.  As they were leaivng the scene, Elle threw lightning at them.   
Thanks to Claire,  they survived the fall.  However, Noah was attacked by Mohinder.  Noah survived when he received a dose from Claire's blood.  

Claire decided to expose the Company.  West arrived to try to talk her out of it.  However, Claire gave West the file on him and told him to make up his own mind.  West flew away, indicating that he would rather keep his ability a secret, than stay with Claire. 
After Nathan's death, Claire told Peter that he had a boyfriend once named West who attends now to the New York University and has the ability of flight.Peter had a strange request from Claire:Call West for him.Peter than met up with the boy and mimiced his ability and flew away to exact revenge on Sylar.


 West possesses the ability of flight.  As demostrated he can fly with much more speed than Nathan.  However, he doesn't posses enhanced strength.  Therefore, it is difficult to lift heavy objects to great heights.

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