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Night Shift decides the only way they can bust their friend, Digger, out of jail is to exchange him for some hostages. And the object of their hostage hunt is the West Coast Avengers!


Mockingbird witnesses Digger burying three crooks up to their necks in a street, and she goes into action, stunning the shovel-wielding ghoul. She takes Digger and his three near-victims to a nearby police precinct. Gypsy Moth brings news of Digger's arrest to her teammates in Night Shift, and they agree to attack the West Coast Avengers in retaliation. They invade the compound, making hostages of the hired help, while Hawkeye and Vision respond to the alarms. Gypsy Moth levitates the archer by his costume, while the Vision struggles against the Werewolf and the Misfit.

Meanwhile, Mockingbird is picked up by fellow former Avengers Moon Knight and Tigra. When Moon Knight hears about Digger, he recalls his recent encounter with Night Shift and pilots the helicopter toward the Shroud's lair, the Tower of Shadows. There, after dodging Shroud's booby traps, they reach Night Shift's meeting room and find a note for the Shroud telling of their intent to face the Avengers. Saying that Hawkeye and the rest can handle themselves, Mockingbird decides they will stay put until the Shroud shows.

At the Avengers' compound, the Scarlet Witch has joined the fray, but fares no better than her teammates, and the heroes are immobilized. Unaware of Mockingbird's activities, Hawkeye has no information for Night Shift regarding Digger. At that moment, Wonder Man arrives to turn the tide in favor of the Avengers. Freeing his teammates, they overcome the Night Shift.

At the Tower, Shroud returns, and eavesdrops on the former Avengers' conversation. Warning them to leave, he teleports to the Avengers' compound where he spreads his darkness. Calling out an escape tactic, the Night Shift disappear in the dark as Shroud teleports them home.

Later, on a cliff near the compound Hawkeye secretly meets the Shroud to compare notes, parting amicably.


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