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    A member of Fisk Industries and right-hand man to the Kingpin.

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    Nothing is known about Wesley's origin. He was probably born and raised in or around New York City. At some point he began working for the Kingpin, and quickly rose to the position of his right-hand man.


    Wesley was created by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. He made his first appearance in Daredevil #227

    Major Story Arcs

    Born Again

    Trusted to manage Kingpin's affairs, he is extremely loyal and skilled in his work managing Kingpin's criminal enterprises and affairs. Kingpin orders him to locate Nuke, and although he initially objects because of the "domestic" nature of the job, he follows through on his orders despite the difficulty he has in pulling all the required strings. When Kingpin stages Nuke's assault on Hell's Kitchen, leading to the loss of perhaps hundreds of lives, Wesley protests. This is less because of any moral qualms than a fear as to what the results of such an action may be if they are connected to it by the authorities. After the plan fails, he alerts Kingpin that Nuke has escaped his captivity. His ultimate fate is unknown.

    Powers and Abilities

    Wesley is a normal human and has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He appears to be quite intelligent, and to be highly diligent and competent in his work.

    Other Media



    Wesley appears as Kingpin's right-hand man. His full name is given as Wesley Owen Welch. Portrayed as squeamish and cowardly, he appears to act largely as Kingpin's personal assistant. He reports the failure of Bullseye to Kingpin, and attempts to encourage his employer to increase security to deal with Daredevil's imminent arrival. When Kingpin resists he leaves the building and goes to a bar where he is confronted by Detective Nick Manolis. When offered a plea bargain he immediately betrays his employer. He is played by Leland Orser.



    Wesley appears as Fisk's right-hand man, his confidante, and his only friend, making his first appearance in "Into the Ring." His full name is given as James Wesley. For much of the series he appears as the face of his employer's organisation, and handles his interactions with his various allies and subsidiaries. He acts as Fisk's personal assistant, translator, and the manager of the day-to-day operation of his criminal enterprises. He is portrayed by Toby Leonard Moore.


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