Wes Westin

    Character » Wes Westin appears in 52 issues.

    A talented artist, who has collaborated with Jimmy Yama in producing a Spider-Girl comic. He began a short relationship with Davida Kirby, but Davida begins to suspect his true feelings are for May and encourages him to tell her how he feels. The two are currently dating.

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    Brief History

    A long time friend to Jimmy and Zane Yama. Like his mother, Wes was gifted with drawing and other art forms and like most kids his age, he found out he was really good drawing comic book characters. Following several adventures dealing with Spider-girl at Midtown High's doorstep, Jimmy and Wes decided to create their own independent Spider-girl comic book. Making Spider-girl more of a blonde bombshell who got her powers from aliens the book became an underground hit and the two decided to sell it. Heather Noble posed as "Spider-girl" from the comic but was attacked by the Hobgoblin who intended to use Heather to lure the real Spider-girl out. The plan worked but Spider-girl was able to rescue Heather from the Hobgoblin. Following the fight, the book was shut down due to Wes and Jimmy feeling that they attracted the wrong attention.

    It was revealed that Wes had a crush on May for a while and he hoped May would see him as more than a friend. Davida Kirby dated Wes briefly in an attempt to push May and Wes together. After Wes found out about Gene Thompson smear campaign against May. He faced him before Gene punched him, telling him not to tell anyone. Eventually May came after Gene after he had beaten up Wes and ended up revealing by accident what the fight was really about. May broke up with Gene and left him alone on the football field. When Fury the Goblin Queen attacked Midtown and kidnapped, Simone DeSantos - who was the daughter of the current Cult of the Goblin leader, Rene DeSantos. Wes tried to save Simone but Fury knocked him off her glider. Spider-Girl was able to use her powers to catch Wes but without her web-shooters, had to use various tricks for them to land safely, dislocated her shoulder in the process. When Kaine popped her shoulder back in place, Wes was sick before he was brought to the paramedics to be checked on. Thanks to April, Wes is starting to fall for May hard, while she is unsure about her feelings for him. During all of this, Wes figured out that May was really Spider-Girl and was debating about telling her that he knew. Following the loss of April, Wes finally came clean with May and she was more than happy that he knew and the two soon kissed and started dating afterwards.


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