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    Werner von Strucker is a son of Wolfgang von Strucker who had his own plans for HYDRA which didn't include family.

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    Brief History

    Werner von Strucker is Baron von Strucker's eldest son and half-brother to the Fenris Twins. Werner took over HYDRA for a brief time during his father's supposed death. As it turns out, Wolfgang survived thanks to the death spore virus but Werner had no idea of his father's resurrection. Werner then attempted to seize the Kingpin's territory in Las Vegas when Wilson Fisk lost his foothold in Sin City.

    While Werner was wrestling for control of the Kingpin's territory, he managed to capture to spies who were supposedly working for the Secret Empire. Agents 4 & 8 were in fact Microchip and Mickey Fondozzi, allies who were affiliated with the Punisher. Microchip and Mickey captured the actual spies and posed as members of the Secret Empire in order to infiltrate Werner's conference between rival gang lords.

    Werner chose not to kill them because he didn't want to risk a war with the Secret Empire but the Secret Empire feared that their supposed spies might divulge crucial information about their inner network. The Secret Empire sent Chainsaw and his Praetorians to attack the conference. Werner and his elderly assistant Snakeskin survived the attack on the conference. During their escape, Sankeskin revealed himself as Werner's father; Baron Von Strucker.

    Baron von Strucker wanted to regain his seat of power within HYDRA and Werner was standing in his way. In truth, Baron von Strucker has always favored the Fenris twins over Werner for some unexplained reason. Baron von Strucker kills Werner in cold blodd. Werner's corpse is later found by the deranged vigilante known as Terror Inc. Terror stole one of Werner's eyes to extract information about the conference.

    Other Media


    Nick Fury: Agent of Shield (1998 film)

    Werner von Strucker made his film debut on the made for TV movie of Nick Fury. In this film version, Werner is shown as a dimwit who obeys any command that is given by his deranged sister Andrea von Strucker.


    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Werner von Strucker appears in the third season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a new recruit for Grant Ward's HYDRA. He is portrayed by Spencer Treat Clark.


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