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Dark-Wolf Dog (Darkwing spell)

When Darkwing Duck, along with Launchpad and Gosalyn, goes to Morgana McCawber's very Spooky house to surprise his "honeywompkines", he finds himself in another world. Later, he is transported to the house Morgana grew up in: McCawber Castle.

Needless to say, Morgana's family did not take kindly to "normals' in their house (especially one who is dating Morgana). An argument quite literally fires up between Darkwing and Morgana's father to the point that neither believes the other could survive as what the other is: a "monster" or a "normal". So Morgana's father, wanting to prove his point, transformed Darkwing, Launchpad and Gosalyn into monsters - a werewolf, a vampire bat, and a Frankenstein-type monster, respectively.

The spell and the argument would later be reversed after a large battle between the villagers in the area and Dark-Wolf and Morgana's father.

Werewolf Darkwing (alternate)

A werewolf version of Darkwing is seen as one of the many Darkwings of the Multiverse being controlled by Negaduck and Magica De Spell. He was the next alternate one on Gosalyn's list to be captured and subdued.


Dark-Wolf Dog first appeared in episode 79, 'Monsters R Us', which aired September 2, 1992. He was turned into a werewolf by Morgana's father.


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