Werewolf by Night #42

    Werewolf by Night » Werewolf by Night #42 - The Marauder and the Man of Iron released by Marvel on January 1977.

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    Crossover alert! Iron Man blasts his way into Jack Russell’s path! And just in time -- the Masked Marauder has come into possession of some dangerous tech!

    In New York City, the Werewolf prepares to pounce on a quartet of suspicious characters breaking into a bank. The four are the Masked Marauder and his henchmen.

    From above, Iron Man witnesses the scene, and despite his exhaustion by a recent adventure, he descends to stop the robbery. Unfortunately, he and the Werewolf collide as the latter pounces. Not thinking clearly, Iron man mistakes the Werewolf for an ally of the Marauder, and they fight, while the crooks clean out the bank vault. As the Marauder makes his getaway, he fires his weapon at Iron Man, and the Werewolf tackles the Golden Avenger to dodge the shot. Iron Man finally realizes his foe is not in league with the villains, but too late, as the Marauder fires again, knocking out his enemies.

    They soon come to and Iron Man transports the groggy Werewolf to Avengers Mansion for medical care. At the bank, Topaz has led the police to the break-in locale, and she is distressed to find Jack missing. At the mansion, Jarvis tends to the Werewolf who passes out while recalling the events of the past few hours: Jack Russell and Topaz, having concluded their adventure in Haiti, decided to spend some down time in New York. Earlier this evening, they witnessed the break-in and Jack changed to the Werewolf to intervene while Topaz ran to find the police. Now, as the Werewolf rests, he reverts to Jack.

    In Malibu, Lissa Russell, Elaine Marston and her daughter Buttons visit Buck Cowan at his beach house. While in the kitchen, Lissa is knocked out by an unseen assailant. When Buck enters the room, he is shocked to recognize the intruder.

    In N. Y. C., the Marauder continues with his plan: he intends to recreate an android, the Tri-Man, previously defeated by Daredevil, this time imbuing it with the attributes of wild animals. From a zoo, they steal a gorilla for strength, a cheetah for speed and an alligator for ferocity.

    Having researched Frank Farnum, the true identity of the Masked Marauder, Iron Man has learned he owns a warehouse on Houston, and guesses it may be the villain's hideout. The Werewolf, having recovered, accompanies the Golden Avenger to the warehouse, where the Marauder is indeed in the midst of activating his android. The heroes fight the Marauder's henchmen as the Tri-Animan comes to life.


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