Werewolf by Night #41

    Werewolf by Night » Werewolf by Night #41 - "...and death shall be the change" released by Marvel on November 1976.

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    Topaz...transformed into a vicious creature of myth! Meanwhile, Jack Russell may have just gained control of his lycanthropic abilities!

    In Haiti, within the enormous black egg that is Dr. Glitternight's lair, the Werewolf and the spirit of Daniel Drumm come under attack by a horde of demons as well as Topaz whom the sorcerer has transformed into a vicious harpy, while Glitternight hovers above. Daniel leaves the demons to inhabit Topaz's body and Glitternight begins to lose his influence over her.

    On a ledge outside the egg, Jericho Drumm, a.k.a. Brother Voodoo, works to topple a boulder that balances over the egg. Within, Glitternight attempts to send his mystic light into Topaz to maintain control, but the blasts are blocked by Brother Voodoo's boulder which crashes into the egg at that moment. Jericho then enters the fray, accosting Glitternight, but the sorcerer blasts him and he falls to the ground unconscious. Topaz is returned to normal and sends Daniel's spirit to his brother's aid. Brother Voodoo comes to and incinerates the demons with mystic flames, then he, the Werewolf and Topaz move deeper into the cavern-like egg.

    Jack Russell wills himself back to human as the Three Who Are One appear before them. They inform Jack he now has the full ability to control his transformations, but he becomes frustrates by their manipulations and demands clear answers. They concede and tell the trio that "the Fourth", who was once one of the "Five Who Are All" (with Glitternight having been "the Fifth"), must be released from his captivity and must die in order for this crisis to be resolved. The Three dissappear, and the heroes continue their trek until they come upon a giant spider web made of mystic light. At the center is Dr. Glitternight, who is absorbing the lifeforces of his two captives, Raymond Coker and LAPD detective Lt. Victor Northrup. Brother Voodoo and the Werewolf sneak up behind the sorcerer, and the latter severs the siphoning light beam connecting Glitternight to his victims, while the former grasps the evil one in a headlock. The Werewolf, with Jack's mind, demands Glitternight release "the Fourth". The sorcerer, confident of his total control over "the Fourth", allows the missing deity, Fire-Eyes, to materialize. Glitternight forces the unwilling Fire-Eyes to attack the Werewolf while Brother Voodoo grapples with the evil wizard. Jericho succeeds in severing the light beam through which Glitternight controls Fire-Eyes who then attacks his former fellow deity. Using their particular abilities, they destroy each other in a tremendous explosion, which restores the area called Devil's Grotto back to its natural state.

    As the group recovers from the cataclysm, Jack reverts to human in front of a shocked Northrup. Admitting Jack is more hero than monster, the detective abandons his werewolf-chase. In the distance, Coker finds the corpse of his great-grandfather, who had been one of the zuvembies enslaved by Glitternight. While the group look on in sorrow, the deities that are now the Four Who Are One with the return of Fire-Eyes, observe from beyond.


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