Werewolf by Night #38

    Werewolf by Night » Werewolf by Night #38 - Rebirth Also Kills released by Marvel on May 1976.

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    A new arc for Jack Russell! Will Werewolf by Night help a desperate father seeking custody of his baby daughter?

    "Encounter (One): Strange Choice" - As he roams the snowy woods of northern California, the Werewolf comes across a cabin being circled by a pack of hungry wolves. Seeing him, the wolves attack, while from the cabin someone fires a rifle, picking off the ravenous beasts. The Werewolf fights the pack and eventually, the few wolves left alive run off. Dawn arrives, and the Werewolf reverts to Jack Russell, and he passes out.

    Waking up in the cabin, Jack meets the residents, Mack and his baby daughter, Maura. Mack (who never got a good look at Jack in his lupine form) explains he is hiding from a man named Morrison, for whom Mack's wife left him. Now she wants their daughter, and Morrison is willing to kill to get her. Fearing the couple would be abusive parents, Mack brought the baby to his secluded cabin.

    When the sun drops toward the horizon, Jack tries to leave the cabin, but Mack stops him. Then Jack has a vision of a hooded being, one of three who have been observing him and who refer to themselves as the Three Who Are One. After telling Jack he has a purpose, the vision fades back to the same moment before it began.

    "Vision (Two): Burning Snake" - In Haiti, as Raymond Coker visits the Voodoo priestess Jeesala, he, too, has a vision. A serpentine woman tells Coker he must seek out Jericho Drumm and then Jack Russell.

    "Prophecy (Three): Goat Child" - Lissa Russell and Topaz meet the wheelchair-bound Buck Cowan at his Malibu beach house to inform his they've had no luck finding Jack. Then the two women experience a vision, a goat-headed being telling them they must all wait at the beach house.

    "Action (Four): Red Snow" - While Mack tends to Maura, Jack begins his transformation behind him, as outside Morrison and his cronies arrive. They throw a cannister of tear gas through a window, and the Werewolf leaps out. Mistaking him for Mack, the five men fire upon him, but their shells have no effect on the supernatural beast. the Werewolf plows into them, slashing them viciously. They run to the woods, while Mack runs with Maura out a rear exit to safety.

    The would-be killers run to the woods, but Morrison is caught by the Werewolf who mauls him, then tosses himoff a cliff to his death.

    The next morning, Jack returns to the cabin where he finds Mack and the baby safe. One more vision tells Jack it is time for him to return. Elsewhere, Jericho Drumm a.k.a. Brother Voodoo welcomes Coker to his home, while in the woods, Mack, Maura and Jack leave the cabin for L. A..


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