Werewolf by Night #33

    Werewolf by Night » Werewolf by Night #33 - Wolf-Beast vs. Moon Knight released by Marvel on September 1, 1975.

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    Moon Knight has apprehended the Werewolf at long last! Before he can get his prey to the Moon-Chopper, the police fire a few rounds of their own. What does Moon Knight have in store for Jack Russell? Will Werewolf ever escape the clutches of his masked stalker?

    Despite the arrival of the LAPD, Moon Knight carries off the unconscious Werewolf as he clings to the ladder of his helicopter. Aboard are the pilot, Frenchie, and his two hostages, Lissa Russell and Topaz. One of the detectives wishes out loud that his partner, Lt. Victor Northrup was there to see the werewolf he's been seeking. Northrup, meanwhile, is in Haiti searching for former werewolf Raymond Coker. Coker is in the lean-to of Jeesala, a Voodoo priestess whose aid he seeks. He tells his tale: having heard of the deaths of his uncle and aunt, Coker came to Haiti, where he met their friend, who is now the guardian of Coker's cousin, Banita. With Banitaop in a catatonic state, the guardian tells Coker of how someone burst into their home to kill his uncle and aunt, while Banita watched in horror. She remained lucid long enough to identify the killer as Papa Jaranda, Coker's great-grandfather who died thirty-two years earlier. His story concluded, Jeesala tells Coker the only one who can help him is Jericho Drumm.

    Back in L. A., as the helicopter soars over the docks, the Werewolf comes to, and attacks Moon Knight causing them both to fall. They hit the water, barely missing a dock, and their battle resumes both in the water and upon the pier. When the moon sets, and Jack Russell turns human again, a kick from the mercenary renders him unconscious once more.

    At the Westwood hospital bedside of Jack's best friend Buck Cowan, Elaine Marston learns the prognosis for her severely injured friend: Buck has emerged from his coma, but he may be paralyzed.

    Later, Moon Knight delivers Jack, Lissa and Topaz to the Committee. The women are bound by their wrists, and Jack is caged. The head of the Committee tells Moon Knight he'll be paid after the moon rises, proving whether or not Jack is the real thing. As they wait, the leader explains his plans to use the Werewolf as a pet assassin.

    Eventually, the moon rises, Jack transforms, and Moon Knight receives his pay. Disgusted by the corrupt businessmen and chastised by Lissa, Moon Knight frees the man-beast and the two women. As Lissa and Topaz escape, the Werewolf and Moon Knight plow through the Committee members. The melee ends when the Werewolf kills the leader, then turns on the mercenary. Moon Knight swings up and out through a skylight and the Werewolf runs off.


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