Werewolf by Night #32

    Werewolf by Night » Werewolf by Night #32 - The Stalker called Moon Knight released by Marvel on August 1, 1975.

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    In the light of the moon, the Werewolf battles a mysterious stalker known as Moon Knight. But how did Moon Knight come to possess his silver weaponry? After a crowd begins to gather, the battle is postponed. For three nights in a row, it’s Jack Russell vs. Moon Knight!

    The Werewolf fights a costumed mercenary named Moon Knight in an L. A. alleyway. Suffering from a broken right hand, the beast struggles against his foe and the silver-coated weapons the latter employs: spiked gauntlets, weighted boots and crescent-shaped throwing blades. Memories of the events leading to this situation flash through the beast's mind: When seven-year-old Buttons Marston got lost during a ski trip, Buck Cowan sought to find her and had to try to fight off the Werewolf to protect her. He saved Buttons but sustained critical injuries. The search party found Buttons and Buck, who was rushed to a hospital, where the surgeons did all they could.

    Dawn arrived, and Jack became human again. He found his stashed clothes and coat, then waited for Buck to pick him up. After waiting for hours, Jack gave up and hitched a ride to L.A. Arriving at home, his step-father Philip informed him Buck was hospitalized in critical condition. Jack rushed to the hospital, where he met his sister Lissa, their friend Topaz, and Buck's friend Elaine, Buttons' mother. They told him Buck is in a coma and couldn't have visitors. Furious with his lupine alter ego, Jack slammed his fist into a wall, breaking his hand.

    Elaine stayed at the hospital, while Lissa and Topaz headed for Topaz's apartment, and Jack headed home. There he was confronted by the Moon Knight, who explained his assignment by the Committee to capture Russell. Philip tackled the mercenary, allowing Jack to run away, but soon the full moon transformed him. In his helicopter, Moon Knight follwed the Werewolf into town, where he descended and cornered the beast in a blind alley.

    Elsewhere, LAPD Lt. Vistor Northrup in en route to Haiti, on the trail of former werewolf Raymond Coker. Coker seeks the aid of the Voodoo priestess Jeesala regarding something to do with zuvembies.

    As the Werewolf and Moon Knight continue their battle, the chopper pilot, Frenchie, breaks into Topaz's apartment and kidnaps her and Lissa at gunpoint. The fight finally ends when Moon Knight knocks the Werewolf out with a blow from his truncheon, then hauls him toward his helicopter, just as the police arrive.


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