Werewolf by Night #29

    Werewolf by Night » Werewolf by Night #29 - A Sister of Hell released by Marvel on May 1975.

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    As the battle ensues between the beast-versions of the Russell siblings, Buck and Topaz try to keep the two from killing each other!

    In Russoff Castle on an island off the coast of California, Topaz and the spirit of Taboo look on in shock as the Werewolf crouches, ready to combat the Weredemon that was once Lissa, the sister of his alter ego, Jack Russell. She had succumb to the lycanthropic curse of the Russell bloodline, but was further corrupted by the powers of the evil sorcerer Dr. Glitternight. The two creatures slash at each other, as Glitternight directs a mystic attack on Taboo and Topaz. Buck Cowan, who had been unconscious, comes to and tackles Glitternight from behind. Then the Weredemon exhibits a new ability: shooting fire from her eyes.

    Elsewhere, LAPD Lt. Victor Northrup continues his search for the Werewolf. At Jack's former apartments, Northrup finds neither him nor the former werewolf Raymond Coker, who has journeyed to Haiti to seek the aid of a Voodoo preistess named Jeesala.

    In the castle, Buck pulls a tapestry over Glitternight, then rams his head into a wall, knocking him out, while the transformed siblings carry their fight out onto a parapet. Topaz and Buck follow in time to see the Werewolf's lunge carry him and the Weredemon over the side. The Werewolf runs off unscathed, but the she-demon is out cold.

    After dawn comes and Jack is himself, he treks back to the castle, where Lissa is in a bed recuperating. She revives enough to tell Jack, Buck and Topaz of her transformation, which she is relieved to think was merely a nightmare.


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