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The battle between the Werewolf and Atlas makes its way to the famed Chinese Theater, where Buck comes to his beastly friend's rescue!

Lt Victor Northrup charges Jack Russell as a suspect in the murder of Simon Kolb, and later, Buck Cowan bails Jack out. Jack describes the events of the previous night as well as he can recall them. Hearing of the Werewolf's beating at the hands of Atlas, Buck realizes the killer must be Steve Rand, an arrogant actor he had met while a screenwriter. Filming a sword-and-sorcery epic based on Buck's script, Rand insisted on performing a dangerous stunt himself, but it went wrong and he fell into a flaming pit. As he recovered, the loss of his once-handsome face drove him mad, and he wound up in an asylum for five years.

Now, as Atlas, he's murdering those involved in his last film, and he kills the actress who was his one-time leading lady. That evening, Atlas bursts into Buck's home, and while he threatens the former screenwriter, the moon rises and Jack transforms. He attacks, and their battle carries them to Mann's Chinese Theater, where onlookers believe the fight to by a promotional stunt. The Werewolf struggles against the powerful killer, and eventually climbs to the roof to catch his breath.

Buck arrives, and as Atlas is distracted by him, the Werewolf leaps onto his foe. However, Atlas pummels the man-beast mercilessly with his club. Ready to deliver a death-blow, Altas is shot by Buck with the gun Jack gave him the previous night. As Atlas dies, the Werewolf comes to and leaves the scene to lick his wounds.

Lt. Northrup arrives and assures Buck that, as he acted in self-defense, no charges will be pressed.

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