Werewolf by Night #20

    Werewolf by Night » Werewolf by Night #20 - Eye of the Wolf! released by Marvel on August 1974.

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    Lissa is in peril once again! This time Jack must save his sister from Baron Thunder and Ma Mayhem!

    Jack Russell walks through an L.A. park pondering his troubles when he meets his neighbor and fellow werewolf Raymond Coker. They have a tense but brief chat while, unknown to them, they are being spied upon by yet another lycanthrope, one whose form was apparently gained via the ring on his finger.

    Returning to his apartment, Jack is again visited by Lt. Lou Hackett who tells Jack he knows Coker is a Werewolf, and forcefully requests his help in capturing Coker.

    That evening, Jack takes his actress friend Clary Winter out to a restaraunt, where they meet Geraldo Kabal, a lawyer at the studios. Claiming to be a fan of her movies, Kabal offers Clary a wolf's eye ring, which Jack feels compelled to wear. During the conversation, Jack learns Kabal has also worked for Baron Thunder. Leaping at this lead to the whereabouts of his kidnapped sister Lissa, Jack get Thunder's address from Kabal, and excuses himself.

    He rushes to the cliffside manor, and as he approaches, he wishes for the Werewolf's strength. Despite the lack of full moon, Jack transforms, but retains his mind, a miracle he attributes to the ring. He enters the house, and after a short time, a hidden elevator takes him to the lower levels, where he finds Lissa chained to a wall. The Werewolf also encounters the witch who had disguised herself as Ma Mayhem and Baron Thunder himself. Jack and the Baron battle, in the process damaging the equipment around them. Some of the machinery emits flames which spread. Holding Jack's head in a vise-like wrestling hold, Lissa and the witch both shout out a warning. Releasing Jack, Baron Thunder attempts to support a collapsing bank of equipment, but falls beneath its weight. The witch runs to the dying Baron, while Jack

    frees Lissa. Unable to save their foes, they run upstairs, and leap from a window to safety. Unfortunately, as he jumps, Jack's hand strikes the window frame, knocking the ring from his hand. Human again, he and Lissa drive away as the mansion explodes and the cliff crumbles.


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