Werewolf by Night #18

    Werewolf by Night » Werewolf by Night #18 - Murder by Moonlight! released by Marvel on June 1974.

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    Jack discovers that his stand-offish neighbor Raymond Coker also possesses powerful werewolf powers!

    LAPD's Lt. Lou Hackett continues his investigation into werewolf sightings and questions Jack Russell about what he may know. Amid the rubble of the Werewolf's battle with the Behemoth, Hackett tries to get answers out of Jack, while a cleaning lady arrives. Jack sees her pull out an ax which she is about to swing at the detective's head. Jack tackles him to save his life, and Hackett is knocked cold. The "cleaning lady" identifies herself as Ma Mayhem, a witch in the employ of the Committee. The full moon rises, and now she gladly faces the Werewolf armed with a silver-coated whip.

    Their fight carries them through the wall into Raymond Coker's apartment, where he meditates within a pentagram. The ritual broken, Coker, too, becomes a werewolf (one who thinks and speaks), and Ma Mayhem decides to leave. The battle of lycanthropes carries out into the streets, as Lissa, Jack's sister, arrives. Ma Mayhem renders her unconscious and kidnaps her, while Lt. Hackett fires silver bullets at the werewolves. The beasts head for Griffith Park, where they resume their conflict. The Coker werewolf throws his foe head first into a boulder, knocking him out.

    Jack awakens the next morning and returns to the shambles of his apartment, finding a note from the Committee: they have Lissa and demand his surrender.


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