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    During the age of magic, Roughly one thousand years ago in the Gold Digger Universe A Magician named Iceron who specialized in twisting/combining/morphing normal animals into supernatural creatures combined the slaves in his kingdom with Dogs, Rats, BearWolves (Now extinct) and the great cats, (Lions, Tigers, Cheetas and Jaquars) to Weredogs, Wererats, Werebearwolves and the various werecats.

    Types, Function, Strengths, Weaknesses


    The first of the Were Races created were the Were-Hounds. Iceron had many enemies and to protect himself combined Dogs with Humans to form the werehound As Guards and Bodyguards. While stronger than standard human, The Werehounds were a failure against the larger races like Ogre and Orc of a thousand years ago so they were allowed to die off and are currently considered extinct. (No doubt there have to be a few humans with lycanthrophic recessive "hound" heritage - but it would probably take a mating between that person and a full active were to bring it back up - unlikely).


    The Next Were Race created were the WereRats. Iceron preferred not to wait for his enemies to get around to doing him dirt so he created the Were-Rats to watch, steal from and kill his enemies for him. WereRats excel on stealth and accuracy of attacks.


    To replace the failure of the WereHounds, Iceron combined a now extinct creature known as a "WolfBear" with humans to act as Guards and Bodyguards. Werewolves were much stronger they the hounds they replaced with enhanced smell and taste to boot. They made much better bodyguards even though they ultimately failed when Iceron was assassinated by one of his favorite WereRats. On a strength scale along the were races, only the Were Lions are possibly stronger than the Werewolves.


    Iceron didn't appreciate being killed by one of his creations so after enchantments he had put in place revived him, he set out to irradicate the WereRat race. He experimented and found favor with WereLions, WereJaguars/Panthers, and WereTigers. He enhanced each group, (Strength for lions, Hearing for Jaguar, situational awareness for Panthers, Smell for Tigers) and set them loose to get rid of his rat problem. While clearing his cages/cells of what he had considered rejects and failures among the were's he had created, Iceron found that the Werecheeta's had been catching all the rats and mice in their cells before any of the other werecats could. This had Iceron deciding to add Werecheeta to the favored groups, gave them the enhancement "DoomGaze" an enchantment that paralyzed a wererat and forced them into human form in addition to their enhanced speed, (Werecheeta's can travel at faster than the speed of sound).

    The Death of Iceron along with his conversion to Wererat via Lycanthrophy, (The wererat who had killed him had known he would revive and infected him). set free all the were races and they spread out to the same general biospheres that their animal parts originated.

    All Were's share certain weaknesses / Limitations:

    • Silver burns and destroys the Aura of the Were; damaging and killing if not treated.
    • Damage done by the teeth or claws of other were, disrupts the aura that allows rapid healing.
    • Weres can intermingle in the GD Universe but offspring appear to take the majority of traits from the mother.

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