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Native Zangarian with Pictish blood, she was a very beautiful woman but had to hide her beauty under a burka by law of her culture. She hated it and in time wanted nothing more than to leave her country behind. After this she heard the tales of a fabled treasure and wanting the riches for herself she met and was cursed by patriarch.
She then banded with conan and friends to seek out the treasure. She was eventually strangled by Patriach's demonic hand and later given peace when conan turned her to stone with a touch. Seconds later she was shattered by patriarchs blade

Skills and abilities

She was adept at making, mixing and administering poison. she used this on sharp finger talons which she would use in battle. 
She was cursed by the magic of patriarch and would turn to stone if touched by human hands. She could also sense demons, magic and evil spirits.

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