Location » Weirwimm appears in 7 issues.

    Unlucky world from space sector 2814.

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    Located in space sector 2814 and inhabitated by an insectoid species, the planet Weirwirmm was a world full of life until a series of continous disasters fell on it, in following sucession, transforming it into a chaotic place.

    First, a sun-eater attacker their sun star, dooming the inhabitants of the planet to a slow freezing death. Tricked by the leader of the Blackstars, Countess Belzebeth, the royal family of Weirwimm gave up to the demands of the Countess and deliver her to the tomb of the Starbreaker, hidden in a secret vault inside the planet.

    Misfortune would hit again on this world when an illegal anti-matter minering operation opened a breach to the antimatter universe, where the Anti-man and the Anti-matterman entered earth 0 universe, causing havok and hurting severely the Superwatch and the Green Lantern Corps. The consecuences of these damages are still being counted.


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