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Worst Artwork of Any Jonah Hex Comic Yet

The worst issue of Jonah Hex yet
The worst issue of Jonah Hex yet

Issue 34 of Weird Western Tales has never been collected in a trade paperback - the most comprehensive Jonah Hex collection to date, Showcase Presents: Jonah Hex, omits the final few Jonah Hex stories from WWT, starting with this one.

It's not altogether surprising, because this issue is definitely not of the quality of the rest of the series thus far. To begin with the art is the worst so far, with no panels that would be considered exceptionally good, and many, especial in the first few pages that most would consider poor - characters that are drawn simplistically as if little effort was expended.

Worse than that is the coloring which, either due to printer's error or indifference, is blotchy an messy in nearly every panel, bleeding all over the images rather than confined within the artwork. Particularly bad is the color of Jonah Hex's Confederate greys, which are often colored blue here.

The story is pretty good most of the way through - telling the story of Jonah's conflict with rival bounty hunter Leech, with some actually good and unexpected story twists - but it all comes to a poor conclusion where Hex somehow laid a trap for something he couldn't have suspected (the canteens), and then (minor spoilier) didn't even search the bodies of one of the dead men for money the man had taken from him earlier in the story - very atypical of Hex.

Let's hope this gets better in its last few issues.

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