Character » Weezing appears in 19 issues.

    A poison type Pokemon. Evolves from Koffing.

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    Weezing is a purple Pokémon consisting of two spherical heads connected by a thin tube with another sphere in the center.

    Name in Japanese: マタドガス Matadogas.

    Pokédex number #110.

    Height: 3'11"/1.2m.

    Weight: 20.9 lbs/9.5kg.

    Notable Weezing

    James's Weezing.

    Other video game appearances

    Super Smash Bros. Melee

    When released from a Pokéball, Weezing will hover in place and emit Poison Gas that juggles any opponent who comes near it, essentially serving the function of its pre-evolution,Koffing, from Super Smash Bros.


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