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Weekly was created by Juan Diaz Canales  and Juanjo Guarnido for the Blacksad comic book series.  

Arctic Nation

Making his first appearance in the second book of Blacksad, Weekly encounter John very early on in the issue after a racial hate crime is committed in town square. Though initially cold to Weekly, John warms up to him after the two engage in friendly conversation and exchange of ideas at a soda parlor. In a town full of race wars, it seems natural that two misfits should come together. Weekly gives tidbits of information about both the Black Claws and the White Arctic Nation. After a brawl, the two are brought before the town sheriff Karup. Weekly does little more than annoy the man and cause John grief.  
Later, after John investigates the case with a woman named Dinah (the mother of the missing girl Kylie), Weekly is beaten and threatened with to deliver a message from the Black Claws to the newspaper. Of course, Weekly doesn't give in to bullying and prints the information on his own accord. Weekly does discover a major point in the case when he spies on Jezebel, the sheriff's wife, cheating on him with a subordinate named Huk.  
A rare moment for John
A rare moment for John
Weekly is later captured by Huk and brought to the abandoned airplane factory to be executed. John saves him and together with a man named Cotton, they find Kylie. Cotton dies before they can escape, however. At the close of the story arc, Weekly confesses that the reason his name is Weekly is that the secretary made a joke that he only changes his clothes once a week. John responds with a hearty laugh in order to make his new friend feel a little better.

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