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  • Yoroshiku Mechadoc Ch. 70
  • Kochikame Ch. 374 (Keiichi, Totsuka, Terai and Hoshi Touden appear on the chapter cover only)
  • Tenchi wo Kurau Ch. 37
  • Raimei no Zaji Ch. 2
  • Dr. Slump Ch. 210
  • Kinnikuman Ch. 243
  • Hokuto no Ken Ch. 23
  • Cat's Eye Ch. 125
  • Captain Tsubasa Ch. 147
  • Shape Up Ran Ch. 38
  • Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin Ch. 14
  • Bogī the Great Ch. 12
  • Wingman Ch. 58
  • Black Angels Ch. 119
  • High School! Kimengumi Ch. 96
  • Ashita Tenpei Ch. 21
  • Kikai Senshi Girufā Ch. 13

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