Weekly Shonen Jump #2408

    Weekly Shonen Jump » Weekly Shonen Jump #2408 - No. 21-22 May 14-15, 2017 released by Shueisha on May 14, 2017.

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    Though it is fairly routine, historically, for double issues of the magazine to feature the entire current WSJ cast, this cover is a rather unique outlier in that most of the main cast members are on the back cover and secondary protagonists or side characters are on the main cover. Though at first glance, it may seem that it's just another general cast page, if the two covers are put together, it is clear that each character is playing janken (rock, paper, scissors) with their counterpart and reacting accordingly.

    • Luffy beats Sanji, his crew's cook (scissors > paper)
    • Deku beats a Bakugou, his rival (paper > rock)
    • Hinata beats Kageyama, his rival (paper > rock)
    • Robo beats Yozan, his rival (paper > rock)
    • Emma beats Ray, her friend (rock > scissors)
    • Tanjiro loses to Nezuko, his sister (rock < paper)
    • Zeroichi loses to Hokuto, his "friend" (scissors < rock)
    • Asta ties with Yuno, his rival (rock = rock)
    • Soma loses to Erina, his rival (rock < paper)
    • Senku beats Taiju, his friend (paper > rock)
    • Gintoki loses to Shinpachi, his employee (paper < scissors)
    • Yūna beats Fuyuzora, her love interest (scissors > paper)
    • Hinomaru beats Kunisaki, his teammate (rock > scissors)
    • Saiki loses to Nendou, his "friend" (rock < paper)
    • Yuiga loses to Fumino and Rizu, who he tutors (paper < scissors)
    • Samon loses to Sakura, his rival (rock < paper)
    • Marie beats Taiga, who she shares a body with (scissors > paper)
    • Poro beats Yuta, his friend (paper > rock)
    • Kudou beats Nanami, his friend (paper > rock)
    • Isobee loses to Nakajima, his friend (scissors < rock)
    • Boruto beats Sarada, his teammate (scissors > paper) odd inclusion as there was no Boruto chapter in this issue


    none of this issue.


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