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Proper Japanese Title: 週刊プレイボーイ, also shortened to 週プレ or WPB

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Weekly Playboy is a men's magazine that has been releasing at a weekly rate since 1966, despite its name, it is not the regional version of the better-known American Playboy (though that was also published by Shueisha, as Monthly Playboy, from 1975-2009). Though it is a very general magazine in that it has a little bit of everything (such as columns, interviews, articles and manga), much like the American Playboy, it is regarded as an adults only magazine due to the small gallery of nude models.

Unlike the American Playboy which is known for running comics like Little Annie Fanny (which could be as short as two pages in an issue), Weekly Playboy serialized many full-length long-running manga titles over the decades, often by well-established creators (and in many cases, sequels or prequels to some of their most famous series). Though as of 2011 and the launch of the 週プレNEWS online portion of the magazine, many series that would have otherwise been published in the magazine are now released digitally on their own (such as Kinnikuman or Taiyou no Makibaō W).

Some of the best-known serializations include:


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