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    The black haired daughter in the Addams Family who carries around a headless doll named Mary Antoinette.

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    Wednesday Addams is the oldest of Gomez's children. She is the daughter of Morticia and lives with her mother, father, two brothers, and her Uncle Fester.


    Wednesday was created by Charles Addams in 1938.

    Character Evolution

    Like the other members of her family, in the original comic strip Wednesday does not have a name. Her creator, Charles Addams, didn't name her Wednesday until the strip was adapted for television. Her middle name is Friday., and she is traditionally depicted with her hair in long dark braids. Wednesday is a very serious child, who has a fascination with the darker side of life, and a morbid nature in general.

    In Other Media


    Addams Family/Addams Family Values

    Christina Ricci as Wednesday
    Christina Ricci as Wednesday

    Wednesday Addams is a main character in the 1991 movie The Addams Family, as well as the sequel, Addams Family Values. She is portrayed in both by the actress Christina Ricci.

    In the later film, Addams Family Reunion, she is played by a different actress, who later went on to reprise her role in the 1998 television series (see below).


    Wednesday has appeared in two live action Addams Family television series, and two animated series: The Addams Family (1973) and The Addams Family (1992). In the 1964 live action series, she was played by Lisa Loring, and in the 1998 remake the model and actress Nicole Fugere took over the role.


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