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Pretty Good!

I really like Wednesday Comics because it showcases each writer and artists special talent in a unique way. Here is my take on each of the stories
Superman-strange story,but amazing art. It's very graphic and detailed. 4/5
Batman-Dark,mysterious,just like a regular Batman story 3.5/5
Deadman-The art is very different on this piece,which makes it unique 4/5
Green Lantern-One of my favorites in the whole issue  Great art,great story 5/5
Hawkman-I have to give Baker some credit,this story was realy deep. It has a nice meaning to it. 4.5/5
Kamandi-Not my favorite story,butit was intresting because I had never read any Kamandi stories before. 3/5
Supergirl-Probably my favorite story. I just love Amanda Connor's art and Jimmy Palmotti does a great job writing Supergirl. Plus it was really cool seeing Krypto and Streaky
Metal Men-Great story by Dan Didio,plus the art was just so bright 5/5
Teen Titans-I loved the art more than anything else on this but he story seemed like it was missing something. 4/5
Metamorpho-Great characterization on this strip- 4.5/5
Wonder Woman-Definitly not the best strip but unique art-2.5/5
Demon/Catwoman-Great art. Jason seems like a really hard character to write,too 4/5
Flash/Iris-Great connection between the two stories-5/5
Sgt. Rock-Weird story but it was a nice war classic-2.5/5
Lastly we have Strange Adventures-Both Adam and Alanna Strange are very intresting characters so this was a cool story with a great plotline and amazing art.
Overall I loved this issue and plan on following this whole series.

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