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Going back to their roots

Well T.B.  it would seem that D.C Comics has gone back to their  roots when Major Wheeler-Nichoison ran it and it was know as National Allied Publications ,it's nice it in this  format were you see chaters that has not been ina comic in so long now grant it each story is just one page long a comic strip , but that os what make this fun.
FYI Did you Know ?
Wheeler-Nicholson founded National Allied Publications and published New Fun #1 (Feb. 1935). A tabloid-sized, 10-inch by 15-inch, 36-page magazine with a card-stock, non-glossy cover, it was an anthology of humor features, such as the funny animal comic "Pelion and Ossa" and the -set "Jigger and Ginger", mixed with such dramatic fare as the Western strip "Jack Woods" and the adventure "Barry O'Neill", featuring a Fu Manchu-styled villain, Fang Gown.

DR . X
DR . X


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