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    A long-serving Rebel Alliance and New Republic X-wing pilot, Wedge Antilles is one of the greatest heroes of the Galactic Civil War and widely considered to be the best fighter pilot in the galaxy.

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    The son of Jagged and Zena Antilles, Wedge Antilles was born and raised on the planet Corellia. The youngest of two children, he lived with his parents and attended farm school, as well as spending much of his youth developing an interest in flying and the maintenance of various ships. He was orphaned at 17 when his parents sacrificed themselves to save the rest of Gus Treta station from Bonestar Pirates. He hunted down those who were responsible for his parents' death and killed them in revenge. Striking out on his own, he became a freighter pilot and fell in love with Mala Tinero, a woman whose father, Rallo, was involved with the Rebels. The Imperial forces eventually uncovered Rallo's involvement in rebellion and attacked him, leveling an entire town in retaliation. In the ensuing chaos, Tinero was killed. His former ambivalence to the Empire shattered, Antilles joined the Rebel Alliance.


    Wedge Antilles was originally created by George Lucas for his Star Wars series of movies. He made his first appearance in comics in Star Wars #5, written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Howard Chaykin.

    Major Story Arcs

    A New Hope

    Antilles quickly becomes a rising star in the Alliance, joining the Alliance Starfighter Corps and participating in numerous assaults on various Imperial strongholds and installations. He participates in and is one of the few to survive the Battle of Yavin, saving Luke Skywalker's life during the fighting.

    Rogue Squadron

    Afterwards he and Skywalker form a subgroup of Renegade Flight, called Rogue Squadron, which they lead on various missions. He gains a reputation as a skilled and daring fighter, and is involved in numerous missions on behalf of the Alliance. He is able to use his status as a hero to recruit many new supporters to the Alliance, having particular success with union leaders from the Corellian Engineering Corporation.

    The Empire Strikes Back

    Antilles is stationed on Hoth where he is tasked with training new pilots. When the new base on Hoth comes under attack by the Empire he fights to defend it and later supports the evacuation efforts. He organizes the rescue of General Crix Madine and joins Skywalker in escorting the remainder of the Alliance ships off-planet. He returns to training pilots, reforming the Rogue Squadron and leading them on a number of successful missions.

    Return of the Jedi

    Antilles is placed in charge of a team of fighters that he names Red Wing. He and his Wing join in the assault on the second Death Star. During the Battle of Endor he leads his fighters in a battle with Imperial forces. Mechanical failures force him to fly blind in the assault on the Death Star itself; he is responsible for helping to destroy the ship's core and, by extension, the Death Star itself.

    Rogue Leader

    Following a mission in which he liberates the planet Tandankin, Antilles is officially made the leader of Rogue Squadron. Attempts are made to advance him further but, unwilling to give up flying, he engineers his own demotion. Despite this low status, he is one of the most respected and revered members of the Alliance. During this time he fights against the Tofs, and runs several important missions that involved protecting intelligence operatives, protecting royalty, and supporting Alliance incursions into the Core Worlds. He is later promoted to commander and, when Rogue Squadron is disbanded after suffering heavy losses, he spends some time at diplomatic postings. Some time later he rebuilds the Squadron and joins the push to take Coruscant. He helps to plan the invasion of the planet, and is later instrumental in the invasion's success. Sometime later he leaves Rogue Squadron to form Wraith Squadron. This Squadron carries out numerous intelligence gathering and fighting missions with Antilles as its leader. He fights against the Empire resurgent, and is instrumental in combating the Empire's World Devastators

    The New Republic

    After the Alliance is finally successful in eliminating the Empire from much of the Core Worlds, he leaves his Squadron and spends come time trying to rebuild Coruscant. Eventually he returns to fighting, acting as a bodyguard for weapons designer Qwi Xux, leading air attacks, and rescuing Crix Madine, and continues to act as an occasional diplomat. He is eventually made Chief of Staff for Starfighter Command, and during this time is involved in combatting a concerted sabotage effort. Some time later he leaves his position to lead the Rogue Squadron again. At the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War he retires from military life and settles on Coruscant with his young family.

    The Yuuzhan Vong War

    Antilles returns to the military upon the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong, who seek to conquer the universe. He helps to fight the invaders and leads some of the defence of Coruscant that ultimately fails, forcing him to flee. He later supports the defence of Borleais, helping to rescue many of the planet's residents. He is almost killed in the dogfighting, but rescued at the last minute. Though their defence is defeated, Antilles succeeded in demoralizing the Yuuzhan Vong significantly. He is amongst those who are responsible for finally forcing the Yuuzhan Vong to surrender. After the war he retires to Corellia with his family


    He eventually becomes disgusted with the actions of the Galactic Alliance, who continue trying to drag him into their efforts and eventually kidnap him. Escaping, he joins the Corellian Defence Force as a general. He helped to defend the planet ably, and was made an admiral. He tries to support an eventual peace between the Alliance and Corellia, but is removed from his post because of how his personal ethics clash with those of the Corellian leaders. He flees the planet after an attempted assassination and begins to work to piece together the ongoing manipulations leading to the Second Galactic Civil War. He joins with the Jedi Coalition and flies with the Rakehell Squadron against the Alliance. The Jedis ultimately win, and peace is established. He again retires from military life.

    Powers and Abilities

    Antilles is an expert pilot and dogfighter, identified as the greatest ace of the Rebel Alliance. He is capable of flying most ships, and is particularly skilled in X-Wing ships. He is an excellent tactician and a skilled leader. He is capable in personal combat, and has shown skill with various weapons.

    Other Media


    Star Wars

    Antilles appears as a minor character in all three films in the original Star Wars trilogy: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. He is portrayed in one scene of A New Hope by Colin Higgins, and in all other by Denis Lawson; he is voiced in both by David Ankrum. In the subsequent films he is both portrayed and voiced by Lawson.


    Star Wars

    Antilles appears in numerous Expanded Universe novels, particularly the X-Wing novels. These novels greatly expanded on his history and exploits.

    Video Games

    Antilles appears as a character in numerous video games based on the Star Wars series. His appearances range from a playable character in games such as Rogue Leader and Rogue Squadron, to a minor character in games including Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.


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