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    Chosen champion of the Spider-Nation, a race of spider-human hybrids.

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    In an arctic region, explorer Nina Hoffman and her expedition members are caught in a storm. Finding a cave, Nina enters it, seeking warmth. Instead, she finds the Spider-Nation, a race of spider-human hybrids. The Spider Queen chooses Nina to become their champion and transforms Nina into the Webwitch.


    Webwitch was created by Tim Vigil.

    Character Evolution

    As a member of the Spider-Nation, the Webwitch is set to eradicate humankind. Her tendency to shy away from others contradicts her membership in the Underworld, displaying her as, albeit reluctantly, a team player. These changes in her character were unexplained. She later returned to her former self as a true Webwitch.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Spider King

    Eleven years after becoming the Webwitch, Nina is working as a stripper, actively seeking out a male companion to spawn a child that could save the Spider-Nation... and destroy humankind. Webwitch finds her male companion. Injecting him with her eggs, she stand guard over his body, while her son, the new Spider King, slowly hatches. Webwitch, along with her companions the newly-born Spider King and a webling, make their way to the arctic lair of the Spider-Nation, where they decimate the town of Barrow, Alaska before government forces kill the Spider King and Webwitch goes into hiding.


    Webwitch resurfaces as a member of the Underworld. While the team was initially formed by Rhapsody to get rid of Ravyn and Glyph of the Ravening, but later formed an uneasy alliance with the Ravening vampires. Ravyn used the Underworld members to lure Secutor into a trap. Later, Webwitch was used to track the Tracers.


    Captured by government agents, scientists are able to cut off Webwitch's telepathic link with her Spider Queen. Finally free of her mental commands and trained to let her human persona take control over her hybrid body, Webwitch aids the government agents in their fight against the Spider-Nation. Many agents fall against the hordes of weblings and the Queen, before Webwitch is able to plant explosives. Getting away in time, Webwitch sees the hive of the Spider-Nation explode, earning Webwitch her much sought freedom.

    Finally her mind free, Webwitch' DNA seems to revert to normal, making her appear human again. Without purpose, she travels the country. Eventually she becomes an agent of the Federal Resource Management. She is partnered with Dale Armstrong. Webwitch is still sexually active, working in skimpy clothes or no clothes at all. She also tries to seduce her partner as often as possible. Somehow, the Webwitch persona still lurks inside her.

    Powers & Abilities

    Nina's DNA was recombined when she became Webwitch. As a result, she has superhuman speed, endurance and strength. She also has a small extra lobe on her brain, which provides telepathic communication with the Spider-Queen and her weblings.

    A typical webling
    A typical webling

    Webwitch can give birth to weblings. These weblings have the primary task of protecting and gathering food for the Webwitch. She commands them through a telepathic link. With a proper genetic match, the Webwitch is designed to use a different uterus to give birth to a king that can then create new queens. It is believed that during intercourse, the Webwitch is able to sample the genetic material and has the ability to move the proper uterus in place based on the match of the DNA.

    Other Media

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    Rendition Figures released Webwitch action figures, with several color variants, in 1998.

    Known variants are:

    • Green (portrayed)
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Gold
    • Pink

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