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Mary Jane gets a threatning call from a guy named Nick Katzenburg to Peter Parker saying h will haunt him till the day he dies and that he did this to him. Meanwhile Spider-Man and Moon Knight are looking for Nick to save him from Hobgoblin.

Meanwhile hobgoblin starts an all out brawl beating every guy in the bar getting info on where Nick is.

Elsewhere Demo Goblin is controling Doppleganger attacking cops and some Guardsmen in a armored truck are attacked by Hag and Troll who are feeding on a body.

In the Lower east Side Hobgoblin sets a building on fire killing all the people except for Nicks Brother and law who tells Spider-Man and Moon Knight where Nick is before he dies.

Meanwhile it turns out Nick took pictures of Richard fisk and the Rose and ran Parkers byline instead. Now the Kingpin has a hit on Nick. Nick makes another call. Hobgoblin breaks about to kill Nick but Moon Knight and Spider-Man enter just in time. Hobgoblin makes a total mess of the apartment. He gets to Nick again. Outside Moon Knight saves two people from the burning apartment which is about to collapes with Spider-Man inside.

Meanwhile, Demogoblin and Doppleganger go start there sinner mission.

Elsewhere Hag and Troll finish feasting on the guards and leave. After they leave the truck door busts open. Venom jumps out.

Spider-Man fight Hobgoblin and nearly gets blasted by Hoboblins un but Nick knocks it off his hands and Hobgoblin blast fire at Nick but then gets kncoked out by Spider-Man. Spider-Man manages to get both Nick and Hobgoblin out of the building before it crashes down.

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