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Web of Spiderman #1

A review in three parts ( that is, there are three stories, therefore I will review them seperately.)  
Kaine: Echoes, The story opens with Kaine escaping from his restraints and attacking the guards, only to have a conversation with Ben Reilly. A decent story with great art, I didn't completely understand it, but didn't hate it either. 
Grade: 3 stars   
Spidergirl: Angels and Devils, I liked the catch-up page prior to the story, (As I didn't follow Spider-Girl, while it ran.) I thought this was okay, it was just a backup story, nothing overly impressive, and a bit slow. 
Grade: 3 stars 
The Last Stand of the Fabulous Frog-Man: I have nothing positive to say about this story, so I'll just give my grade and try to block it out of my memory permanantly. 
Grade: -2 stars 
Overall grade: 3 stars  
Didn't really enjoy this, personally.


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    When issue #1's are released, I have high-standards. I want great artwork and stories. I assume the publisher feels similarly, because he wants subscribers. This issue was ok. Rather flat. I love Amazing, so I will continue to give this a shot... but only provisionally.  First story, Kaine:  Really psychological, a bit bloodier/graphic than I think it needed to be. Ultimately, it goes nowhere. I think it is supposed to give insight into one of the "Spidey-Foes," but I don't feel it imparted anyt...

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