Weather Wizard's Wand

    Object » Weather Wizard's Wand appears in 68 issues.

    The powerful weapon used by the Flash Rogue known as Weather Wizard. Using it's powers he can summon any type of weather pattern imaginable.

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    When Mark Mardon was escaping from a prison transport unit he fled to his brothers house. When Mardon arrived he found his brother dead, though recent evidence shows that Mardon may have murdered his brother after a conflict arose between the two, however nothing has been able to connect Mardon to the death.

    His brother, Clyde Mardon, had been working on a way to try and control the weather. Mark stole his brothers notes and used them to create a device in the appearance of a wand. This wand granted Mark immense power over the weather and allowed him to create any type of storm or weather pattern imaginable.


    The wand was created by Mark Mardon after he stole his brothers notes on a device that could manipulate the weather.


    The Weather Wand is able to manipulate the weather on both small and large scales. Listed below will be the various types of weather patterns that the wand allows the user to generate and control.

    • Blizzards - The Weather Wand can create harsh blizzards that coat an entire city in snow, thus generating a permanent winter.
    • Thunder & Lightning - The Wand can generate large-scale thunder storms that spew bolts of lightning wildly around the general area. The Wand can also generate bolts of lightning at a specific area or target.
    • Fog - A thick mist can be created by the Wand, granting the user the ability to move throughout the fog unseen.
    • Intense Heatwaves - The Wand can generate intense waves of heat that cause heat cramps. When a human body is exposed to temperature above 150 degrees Fahrenheit it begins to create incredibly painful and long lasting muscle spasms. This eventually leads to exhaustion and heat stroke, which if continued can lead quickly to death.
    • Air Currents / Harsh Winds - The Wand is able to generate powerful winds and air currents that can blow targets or objects away with relative ease. The user of the wand can also manipulate air currents in order to grant them flight & levitation.
    • Tornadoes - The Wand can create large and powerful tornadoes out of thin air at incredibly quick speeds. These tornadoes are fully capable of tearing down entire cities with relative ease.
    • Floods - The Wand can generate large floods or tidal waves.
    • Precise Storm Creation - The Wand grants the user an incredibly precise level of storm creation & weather manipulation. Weather Wizard has used this wand to create hurricanes and tornadoes within the stomachs of various foes thus causing them to explode from the intense pressures.

    Owners / Users

    The Weather Wand is primarily used by the Rogue known as Weather Wizard, however it has seen different users during it's history.

    • Mark Mardon - Main Weapon & Creator
    • Weather Witch - An impostor who was given a wand by the Penguin. She was quickly killed in an encounter with Mark Mardon

    The New 52

    In the New 52 the weapon is used by Marco Mardon who is the current Weather Wizard. It is unknown how the weapon came to be, for Marco's brother was killed by his wife, Elsa.

    The Wand also appears to be much larger in the New 52, taking an appearance that looks to be more like a staff of some sorts.


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