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The Plexus Rangers use a host of specialized weaponry mostly supplied by The Plex through the Jerry Rigg Custom Firearms franchise located in all plexmalls. While most of their weapons are designed for urban pacification and crowd control, some, like the Magrum .666, can be outfitted for more lethal situations.

Standard issue Buzzknucks and Kruncheons are electrified versions of modern day brass knuckles and truncheons. The Rangers commonly use these in riot situations where hand to hand combat becomes necessary. Used with the Lexan riot shield, they are an effective combination for quickly putting down a rioting taxpayer with non-lethal force.

The Magrum .666 Mark of the Beast can be outfitted with rubber bullets or standard .666 caliber rounds. It is the standard sidearm for all Plexus Rangers.

Thermo Jelly is an explosive in gel form, much like a solid version of napalm.

The Snowball 99 also known as Caligari's Equalizer, launches a frozen globe of Somnambutol ("snowball") which is a recreational barbituate that produces instant sleep in industrial concentrations.

Nachtmacher is a riot dispersal chemical developed by Kruppwest Fourthreich Technologies. It generates a darkfield of instantaneous, but limited duration. The rangers use special goggles to function while operating under cover of Nachtmacher.


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