Weapons Master

    Character » Weapons Master appears in 24 issues.

    His arsenal is seemingly limitless, he can access any dimension. For the right price, you too can acquire the services of the universe’s premier arms dealer, the Weapons Master.

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    Universe's premier arms dealer. His arsenal is seemingly limitless.


    Weapons Master was created by Dan Jurgens as a villain for his newly Superman-led Justice League America. It is unclear if he is meant to be the same character updated, or an entirely new take on the concept, but he is clearly a version of Xotar, the Silver age Weapons Master.

    Post Flashpoint

    Weapons Master has newer armor with a headpiece that has a crossfire lens. Hal and Barry switched there roles of good cop and bad cop. Barry had trouble playing bad cop and brought in the services of Wonder Woman to help Weapons Master reveal a new villain was pulling the strings, author turned villain Dr. Graves. Weapons Master, The Key, The Scarecrow, The Scavenger, Captain Cold, and Cheetah are being attacked, captured, tortured, and interrogated to find out information on the members of The Justice League.

    Powers and Abilities

    He has access to an inter-dimensional portal where he stores weapons and armor from across the galaxy. He uses and barters with these tools as an inter-dimensional weapons dealer.


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