Weapon XIII

    Character » Weapon XIII appears in 42 issues.

    A clone of Fantomex, he encompasses all of his original mutant-hunting Sentinel programming and killing compulsions.

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    In the aftermath of Uncanny X-Force's Final Execution arc that caused the team to disband, E.V.A attempted to use the facilities located at White Sky to resurrect Fantomex. However, the machine misunderstood her commands and ended up cloning an individual body for each of Fantomex's three brains. Thus the villainous man known as 'Jean-Philippe' came to be.


    Weapon XIII was created by writer Rick Remender & artist Phil Noto and first appeared in Uncanny X-Force Vol.1 issue 35 (2013).

    Major Story Arcs

    Evil Fantomex

    Appearing from the smoke of the cloning machine, 'Jean-Philippe' corrects Psylocke by claiming that name is for himself and points a gun at her head. He remarks how beautiful she is, as Logan tries to intervene and persuade him to put the weapon away. Jean-Philippe Remarks that he couldn't be nabbed as was 'already gone' as he fades away, to be seen again another time.

    During Fantomex and Cluster's visit to Budapest, Cluster asked Fantomex if he missed Psylocke at all. When he said no, Cluster said that she did, which meant that Jean-Philippe - who she referred to as "Dark Fantomex" - must be looking for Psylocke.


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