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Major Story Arc

What If Wolverine Battled Weapon X

Undergoing the bonding process.
Undergoing the bonding process.

When agents of the Weapon X program failed to subdue and apprehend Logan to serve as a test subject, their superiors considered him as lost to them and instead "recruited" Guy Desjardins, a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police (or "mounty") and Marine. They subjected him to the Adamantium bonding process, bonding the nigh-indestructible metal to his bones. During the experiment, some the Adamantium managed to accumulate in Desjardins' arms and manifested itself as razor-sharp spikes that protruded from his hands and elbows. When his sedatives wore off, Guy - now known as Weapon X - went berserk and slaughtered several Weapon X employees until he was able to be drugged back into sedation. Weapon X proved to be too uncontrollable for his creators' use and rather than deal with their new monster, the Weapon X project head had Weapon X shipped off to Department H with merely the instructions: "His code-name is Weapon X. Make use of him."

Against Doctor Langkowski's wishes, Doctor James Hudson decided to take in Weapon X out of sympathy for the tormented being, as well as being a possible recruit for the new would-be Canadian superteam known as The Flight. As the team was training, Weapon X broke loose and killed Langkowski, prompting Hudson to call in the team despite their lack of full training. Escaping, Weapon X made his way to the city of Kenora where he went on a rampage, killing the husband of a friend of Logan. He swore revenge for the sake of his former friend and his grieving widow.

The Flight was deployed to stop Weapon X. Stitch attempted to use her powers to deactivate the harness that supplied Weapon X with adrenaline, but she got too close and was impaled on his spikes. While Doctor Hudson went to get the Groundhog armor so that he could help in the fight, Smart Alec tried to stop Weapon X by disconnecting him from his harness. He was partially successful, but his thought that doing so would shut down Weapon X failed when his body managed to compensate for the loss of artificial adrenaline and he killed Smart Alec.

As Weapon X continued on his killing spree, Logan discovered Department H's ties to the Weapon X program and confronted its head officials. He downloaded their files onto a disc and vowed to expose them all for creating Weapon X and their hand in unleashing the relentless killer on the innocent public.

Weapon X in a frenzy.
Weapon X in a frenzy.

Having regrouped, The Flight confronted Weapon X again, now in Calgary. St. Elmo grabbed Weapon X and flew him into the air to deal with him, but Weapon X knocked him out, causing them both to plummet to the ground. Weapon X landed relatively safely, but St. Elmo wound up getting impaled on the cross on a church's roof. Furious, Snowbird transformed into a polar bear and rushed at Weapon X. Slashing her to bits, Weapon X wound up getting whacked away by Doctor Hudson who was now wearing the Groundhog armor. The unperfected suit was much too slow however and Hudson was soon killed as well, the dream of The Flight dying with him.

Logan then finally arrived on the scene, wielding an impressive arsenal. A fierce battle broke out between Logan and Weapon X. The two berserkers were quite evenly matched, but Logan was able to leash in his animal side and out-thought Weapon X by removing his armor and decapitating him with a sword. Government agents then stepped in to arrest Logan for his theft of government records, but he dove into a nearby river, disappearing from their view. Given the amount of blood he'd lost in the fight, the agents believed Logan to have died. Days later, the proof of the government's involvement in creating Weapon X and their link to Department H was all over the news. As Logan watched this on TV while he recovered from his injuries, he gave a toast to the friend whose death he'd avenged.

Powers & Abilities

Desjardins' Adamantium spikes.
Desjardins' Adamantium spikes.

Guy Desjardins was a normal human, albeit in peak physical condition with extensive combat training. He did not possess a healing factor, but still survived the Adamantium bonding process nonetheless. His Adamantium-coated bones made him very tough, and excess amounts of this metal created spikes that protruded from his arms - three at each hand and one on the end of each elbow. These spikes were immensely sharp, but were more suited to stabbing rather than cutting like Wolverine's claws.

Desjardins was outfitted with cybernetic armor designed to control him. Unable to do this, it instead supplied him with either a continuous stream of sedatives to keep him unconscious or adrenaline to keep him in a berserker frenzy. This armor provided him a small degree of protection from attacks and the adrenaline stream coming from it most likely augmented his stamina and reflexes to be on par with Wolverine's.

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