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The journey into Wolverine's mind continues as Professor X and Logan dig deeper for answers about the mysterious mutant's past. But when the truth about the Weapon X Program finally begins to surface, the repressed emotions tied to those memories may be too much for Logan to handle! It's not just a history lesson... it's a lesson in pain!

PLUS: A warped tour of the Weapon X facility, as seen through the eyes of everyone's favorite Merc-with-a-Mouth -- DEADPOOL!


Part 2, Bad to the Bone

Professor Xavier and Wolverine witness the adamantium bonding process. They hear the experimenters comment on the pain and need to continue. The memory brings Wolverine back into the present and he lashes out. Xavier wants to stop probing Wolverine's mind for the time being, but Wolverine wants to keep going. Xavier is reluctant, but they return to the Astral Plane to further delve into Woverine's forgotten memories.

Xavier had left a temporal anchor in Wolverine's mind and the two of them land in the room in which the bonding process is happening. Wolverine doesn't fully understand what is happening, only that he knows those doing the experiments "did this" to him. Xavier asks what they did and Wolverine has to admit that he doesn't know. Xavier suggests they listen in on the doctors. Doing so, the two men learn that adamantium is being bonded to Wolverine. The process complete, the memory Wolverine is approached so as to place him in a recovery cell. We awakens and attacks his captors. Pausing, he turns to look at Xavier and Wolverine. Then he attacks. The memory throws Wolverine into the tank and the adamantium pumping tubes immediately latch onto Wolverine's body. Wolverine then experiences the pain he felt when he was actually present for the bonding. He realizes that he's never felt that much pain before... at least that he can remember. The rest of the memory plays out as if nothing has happened: the doctors subdue the memory Wolverine and move him to a cell. Wolverine then recalls a female doctor showing a form of compassion by taking him some food. He and Xavier then move on to another dark memory.

The memory Wolverine is encircled by troopers. Xavier and Wolverine listen in as a training exercise commences. They hear the doctors commenting on the amazing feats of the memory Wolverine as he busts up every trooper that gets in his way. It seems that these doctors have trained the memory/old Wolverine to wipe his mind clean of all remembrances. He's nothing but a raw killer now. Xavier suggests that it is time to leave. Wolverine gets violent and pushes Xavier around, then sees his memory self and apologizes. The two men leave as the memory is shown to still have a shred of humanity left and as he is drugged and dragged away. The story concludes in the next issue.

No Class

Deadpool takes the reader on a tour of the Weapon X facility. He wavers in and out of crazy talk and gibberish before finally meeting himself before he becomes Deadpool.

Note: This issue includes a preview of Wolverine: First Class #9.



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Same old Sh!t, Different Story. 0

Well what can I say about this issue...Well first of all... the writer Marc Sumerak is doing a really good good at capturing the essence of Wolverine while at the same time making the comic friendly for all ages, However the story could have been a little better. The problem with this story is that everything in it has already been shown through previous comic series before. We all already knew the origin of wolverine by the time this book came out, so why did they have to go back and explain it...

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