Weapon X Compound

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    The Weapon X Compound is a government facility located in Alberta, Canada, where Wolverine received his adamantium implants. More recently it was refurbished and re-purposed to act as a school set up by Cyclops for teaching new mutants after Avengers vs X-Men. It was named the New Xavier School for the Gifted.

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    The Weapon X Compound was a top secret underground laboratory that was built to house the Weapon X Project. When the test subject Wolverine went beserk and killed most of the people present, it was abandoned.


    The Return of Weapon X

    One of the few surviving guards who was stationed at the Weapon X Compound when Wolverine escaped re-established the Weapon X program years later and became The Director of the new project. The same Compound again served as the team's headquarters and Weapon X became a mutant strike-force consisting of Agent Zero, Aurora, Kane, Marrow, Mesmero, Sabretooth, Sauron, Wild Child and briefly Copycat and Deadpool.

    The Director, Madison Jeffries and a disguised Mr. Sinister were also responsible for a mutant concentration camp created known as Neverland. The opportunist and insubordinate agent Brent Jackson later replaced The Director as the man in charge when he staged a mutiny allied with several members of the team he had manipulated.

    School Grounds

    Following Avengers vs X-Men, Cyclops created the Charles Xavier School for Mutants as a place to train the new mutants that were created when Hope removed the Phoenix Force from herself. The school was built using the grounds of an old Weapon X building, with its location kept a secret due to the fact that Cyclops and his teammates are on the run from the Avengers.

    The School Faculty: Cyclops (Headmaster), Emma Frost (Headmistress), Magik, Kitty Pryde, Magneto, and Dazzler.

    Students: Fabio Medina, Benjamin Deeds (Morph), Eva Bell, Christopher Muse, Jean Grey, Warren Worthington III, Hank McCoy, Bobby Drake, and Laura Kinney.

    Eventuall, the students grew tiresome of Cyclops' new way of teaching and abondonned the school. Not much later, a falling out between Emma Frost and Cyclops lead to Emma leaving the school as wel. Cyclops was joined by his brother Havoc for some time, but eventually, the complete school facilicty was abonded alltogether.

    Partial Destruction

    The New Xavier School for the Gifted was seen again as a staging ground for the young time-displaced Jean Grey and her friends, whom used it for a number of hours before it was partially destroyed by the Phoenix entity whom came looking for the young Jean Grey.


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